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UK Product Legislation

The UK Product Legislation section of our knowledge base features articles and information on regulations that apply to products marketed in the United Kingdom. Here we will publish information related to topics such as UKCA marking, UK REACH, certification, product regulations, declaration of conformity, selling on e-commerce platforms,, and much more.

UK Standards

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UK RoHS compliance: 6 vital facts for EEE producers, importers and distributors

A highlight of 6 important facts that every manufacturer, importer and distributor of Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in GB needs to understand.

What is UK REACH? 5 essential facts for producers and exporters seeking access to the British market

Complying with UK REACH is highly important for manufacturers, exporters, importers and other (downstream) traders of chemicals in Great Britain. These are the main 5 facts to know.