How to obtain a Declaration of Conformity?

“How to obtain a Declaration of Conformity?”
The answer to this question depends on the situation.

Part of the CE Marking process

Drawing up a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is part of the CE marking process. Manufacturers, private labelers, and importers have to provide it when selling a product in the EU. These parties have responsibilities to ultimately demonstrate conformity with European regulations regarding product safety. Distributors have the obligation to check a Declaration of Conformity is available.

Seller or manufacturer, who is responsible?

Each link in the supply chain is responsible for the Declaration of Conformity. However, this does not mean that every link has to prepare this document by itself. Yet one must always be able to prove it, which is a legal obligation. Therefore the document must be available for market surveillance authorities at all times. Purchased products from a non-EU country that are being sold within the EU need a DoC when the product must have CE marking. It can be requested from the manufacturer or authorized representative. 

Preferably this is done before the actual purchasing of the product. If done correctly, the manufacturer or his authorized representative will already have this prepared. With this, he declares that the product meets the EU requirements. Is the DoC not provided? Then in all likelihood, the product also does not meet the requirements set in Europe.

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