Who issues the Declaration of Conformity?

Who issues the Declaration of Conformity (DoC)? Or, put another way, who is allowed by law to make a conformity statement?

Who is authorized to make the Declaration of Conformity?

A manufacturer or its Authorized Representative (AR for short) is legally responsible to draw up a DoC. Responsibility for compliance with the DoC rests solely with the manufacturer.

Who issues the Declaration of Conformity? Does the manufacturer do it or is it the vendor? Read it here.
Who makes the declaration of conformity? Does the manufacturer do it or is it the seller? Read it here | Photo by Petr Magera on Unsplash

What responsibility does a distributor/seller have regarding the Declaration of Conformity?

You buy a product and then you sell it again. Then you are not a manufacturer or an AR. Then you don’t have to prepare the DoC. What is expected of you when this is the case?

First of all, you know which of your products must be CE marked. Furthermore, you have a DoC if your product requires one. You are also familiar with the language requirements for labeling, instructions, and any other accompanying information. You also recognize the signs that indicate that a product does not meet the requirements.

Finally, below you will find some links to articles and videos. These may also be of interest to you.

Examples of the DoC, video by Han Zuyderwijk from Alura Group

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