Why is a Declaration of Conformity required?

“Why do I need to have a Declaration of Conformity? What is the purpose of this declaration?

The European Union CE Marking Regulations require a Declaration of Conformity (“DoC”) to be drawn up for products sold or made available in the European Union market.

Consumer Protection

Selling products in the European Union is not unrestricted. Products can only be sold or made available in the EU when they are safe and comply with the applicable rules and regulations and standards. These rules and regulations are made to protect consumers and the environment. 

Manufacturers, importers, and distributors (sellers) must ensure product safety and compliance. The Declaration of Conformity is one of the instruments that will allow checking product compliance.

Check Compliance

A correct Declaration of Conformity lists the regulations and standards in accordance with which the product has been assessed. With this information, it can be checked if all required regulations and standards have been applied. Also, we can check if the most recent versions of these documents are applied. If this is not the case, the product is not in compliance, and the CE marking may not be affixed. That is why manufacturers, importers, and distributors should always make sure the Declaration of Conformity they provide is updated.

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