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Why is Amazon requiring a ‘Responsible Person for CE-marked Products’?

In 2020, the European Union institutions adopted Regulation (EU) 2019/102) that AIMS to strengthen market surveillance in the European Union. The Regulation prohibits sales from outside the European Union directly to end-users in the EU Member States. Such sales are only allowed in 4 cases:

  • if the exporter has a subsidiary office in the EU, 
  • works through importers, 
  • has an authorized representative or ‘responsible person for CE-marked products’, or 
  • uses a fulfillment service provider.

Amazon provides fulfillment services. Apparently, Amazon wants to avoid the role of a person to communicate with the market surveillance authorities on product conformity issues. By requiring its non-EU-based sellers of CE-marked products to appoint a Responsible Person for CE-marked Products they avoid being held responsible by the European authorities.

Read more about the Regulation and what it means for non-EU-based manufacturers and sellers here.

Alura Group provides the ‘Responsible Person’-services required by Amazon. Please contact us for more details.

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