Online CE Marking Tools

You indicated that you are interested in online CE Marking tools that would help you to save time and money getting the CE marking, by doing as much as possible yourself. This is exactly the aim of the combined service we developed here at Alura Group (the founders of an online portal with an online course, tutorials and tools to help you do the necessary assessments and build the required files, included with coaching and support to ensure you reach results fast.

The solution we offer is an online platform called ‘Product Compliance Manager’. Besides the online course, tutorials and checklists, you also get up to six, one-hour personal sessions with an experienced coach. (There are no other participants besides you and your team.) You dictate the frequency and pace. The Product Compliance Manager platform and the tools and checklists are accessible online using an internet browser on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

The modules of the course and the coaching sessions are:

Step 1: Determine the Applicable Directives and Standards;
Step 2: Conformity Assessment (risk assessment, product testing, inspection, etc.)
Step 3. User Instruction and Product Label;
Step 4: Building the Technical File;
Step 5: Declaration of Conformity and CE marking;
Step 6: Ensuring Continued Compliance.

Do you think the Product Compliance Manager platform is right for you? Would you be interested in a demo? Please contact us , or simply book an online demo here.

Six-Step CE Marking Framework

Our online tool and course are based on our proven Six Step CE Marking Framework. This framework has been developed over a period of twenty-five years, and works for small companies to large corporations, no matter what products they make or trade. The modules are powerful and designed so you’ll reach results fast.