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Why Should I Always Keep my Declaration of Conformity Legit?

“Why Should I Always Keep my Declaration of Conformity Legit?”
This is a very important question. In order to maintain the validity of your DoC, you have to keep monitoring the latest legal requirements that apply to your products.

Is the Content Up-to-Date?

A Declaration of Conformity provides important information about the product. It should always be relevant. It is also essential that this information is constantly in line with the current situation. The responsibility for this lies primarily with the manufacturer of the article. An authorized representative may also be responsible. This is then a European Authorized Representative for the manufacturer in question. The contact details of either of them can be found on the Declaration of Conformity.

What Does the Declaration of Conformity Say?

The DoC indicates compliance with EU legislation, harmonized standards and other technical specifications. It contains:

  • the product specifications,
  • the contact details of the manufacturer or its authorized representative in the European Union, and
  • the reference to the certification body, if applicable.

You do not index every product under one CE marking directive. You often apply multiple directives to the same product. You can read more about it in What is a declaration of conformity?

Why Should I Always Keep my Declaration of Conformity Legit? Read about it here.
Is the declaration of conformity genuine? Only then can both the manufacturer and the seller rest at ease | Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

How Can the Seller Check if it is a Legitimate Declaration of Conformity?

As a seller, you cannot escape the responsibility regarding the safety of the product. Therefore, always ask your vendor for a valid Declaration of Conformity. Check that the information described above is present. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer or the European Authorized Representative. The contact information is in there. They should also be undeniably reachable there. If not, the statement is not genuine. You can also seek advice from an expert at a CE Marking Advisory Agency.

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